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 NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.

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PostSubject: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/7/2012, 6:29 am

It was Hot....Then it was COLD!

The Plan: Do a 1700 mile loop through NV with 5 riders in 7 days, exploring abandoned mines, ranches and history as we go. The tracks were made, the bikes were prepped and we were ready to head to NV for our 2012 Adventure. We picked early June this year hoping to beat the heat and ride in nice green scenery (it might be a gamble since the weather forecast is looking pretty iffy the closer we get to blast off time). There would be four riders leaving on the 1st and a 5th rider meeting up with us two days later out on the trail some where.

This year I had a special theme for this trip with an idea that started during our last summers ride in NV....What is is? Keep reading below.....

We loaded the bikes and hit the road!

The Crew......

Trever.....AKA: Novacaine. Riding a KTM 530 XCW

Andy....AKA: Rommpy. Riding a KTM 450 EXC

Tom.....AKA: Hodakaguy. Riding a KTM 530 XCW

Mark....AKA: KnightRider. Riding a KTM 450 XCW

Alan....AKA: Mamacone. Riding a Honda XR650R

Overview of our tracks.

Day 1. June 1st, 2012.

Miles on Bike: 1306
Hrs on Bike: 53.5

We were at the mini mart at 3:30am, trucks are filled and we roll towards NV. The last week has been nuts...tons of last minute prep. Andy's 530 lost a crank seal 2 days before we left, leaving him two days to transfer everything from his fully prepped 530 to his wife's 450 EXC so he could make the trip. A last minute rider (Mark) was added to the trip giving him a week to prep his bike....he had to order the desert tank, luggage, GPS etc and get it all set up in a very short time. He would also be leaving a day and a half later than us and would try and catch us somewhere out on the trail, he will watch our SPOT tracks with his iphone and try to intersect us some where on the trail.

Let the adventure begin!

A stop at the historic French Glen Hotel along to way to stretch our legs. More info on the Hotel Here: CLICK HERE

The Steens Scenic Loop in the background...still closed due to snow. The bikes won't be this clean for long!

At French Glen I check the bikes to make sure they are riding correctly....and find oil leaking from my counter sprocket! Dang! Oh well, I brought a spare seal so I'll change it out in Denio. I turn to Trever and say "Man, my counter sprocket is leaking" and he says "or your friends poured oil on your frame at the last gas stop" LOL. Ok...that was pretty good! At least I don't have to worry about changing the seal out now :lol3

Trever picked up necessary refreshments

A long stretch of Highway with water on both sides....pretty cool.

We arrive at Denio Junction, NV. We will leave the trucks here and head out on adventure! We off load the bikes and do last minute prep.....load bikes, fill camel packs, etc.

Trever holding up two of the 5 bags of concrete that we will be carrying on the bikes...50 lbs total! Hmmmm........

Trever loading his two bags of concrete in the Giant Loop....could it be that the huge desert tank is causing the front end to feel heavy and he's trying to lighten it by adding weight in the rear?

My bike loaded up with the special cargo for the sticks way out on each side of the bike so I'll have to be careful not to catch it on sage brush along the trail. I think I may have just set a new luggage weight record on a 530 LOL.

Trever giving Andy the last bag of concrete.

We left Denio and headed into the Pueblo mountains with our special cargo. The weather was perfect, maybe a tad on the warm side as we climbed in altitude towards our destination.

One of the many cattle fences that we would have to stop, open then close along the route. These are scattered everywhere out here.

Trever waiting at the fence crossing......with all the heavy gear plus the added concrete the bikes are handling like a humming bird with a bowling ball duct taped under one wing :lol3. Good thing we have radiator fans...they are getting a work out today!

A view looking up into the mountains....the GPS is up and purring, just follow the yellow brick road :-)

And we Climb and Climb....

Cruising up the trail...trying not to snag a sage brush :-)

Alan letting his bike cool down and taking a break before the final steep rocky climb.

Climbing the final hill

We arrived at the WW2 B-24 Liberator Crash Site, our first destination of the day.

Everyone showing up at the site.

The flags are still standing proud on the radial engine.

We get right to work unloading the cargo...happy to get all the extra weight off the bikes after the steep climb.

Trever starts digging the hole we are going to need to plant the cargo.

We all take turns digging the hole, luckily the ground is less rocky than anticipated and the digging goes easily.

We insert the cargo into the hole and start mixing the 50 lbs of quick setting concrete to permanently lock it in place.

I added stainless steel tubing to the bottom of the post to help lock it in the concrete. I really wanted it to withstand the winds and weather it's going to have to endure up here.

And the Sign is planted and finished. :clap During last summers visit to the crash site (ride report: CLICK HERE) I started thinking about making a memorial plaque to place at the crash site. I really felt that the story of the planes crash as well as the names of the crewmen that lost their lives serving our country needed to be told. Visiting the crash site last year without this information made the experience feel incomplete. After returning home last summer I obtained the names of the crewmen that were on board that fateful night then Andy and I split the cost to have a laser engraved stainless steel plaque fabricated to place at the crash site. After receiving the plaque I fabricated a heavy stainless steel sign assy to mount the plaque on so it will last for years to come. One of the highlights of this trip for everyone involved was planting the memorial plaque.

Click here for a PBS documentary on the crash site: CLICK HERE

A photo of the memorial plaque, I added pop rivets around the outside of the sign to give it more of a aircraft feel.

A waterproof guest book box was added to the sign so people visiting the crash site can write down their thoughts and feelings on the site. There is a water proof tablet stored inside.

And I entered the first entry into the book. If you visit the site make an entry into the log book, and please don't remove anything from the site!

And a group photo around the sign.

With the plaque installed we decided to explore around the crash site. I'll post quite a few pictures here of the crash site.

Looking back at the bikes. One of the 4 twin-row, 14-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-1830 "Twin Wasp" 1000HP radial engines, with one of the main landing gear legs and wheel in the background.

Continued Below..........



In Memory Of The Crewmen: CLICK HERE
Adventure is Out There NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Riding Through History NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Oregon Outback RR: CLICK HERE

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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/7/2012, 6:31 am

Day 1...Continued from above.

A piece of a's amazing how well the desert preserves items like this.

One of the 4 super chargers laying at the crash site.

A large piece of wing buried in the ground. You can see the control linkages as well as a small drive sprocket.

Some kind of hydraulic unit...I wish I knew what some of these pieces went to.


The plane burned when it crashed into the mountain side....the heat was intense!

Another engine.

Landing gear assy.

Main gear wheel....melted out.

Another super charger assy.

The debri field is huge...lots of little pieces scattered along the hill side.

Self shot :-)

Andy at the top of the hill...soaking in the view.

Engine close up

Andy snapping a picture

Trever holding a chunk of melted aluminum....I wonder what part this used to be?

Looking back on the entry road

Looking down on the crash site from the hill side above.

Trever spies something....

A huge rattle snake...

Nose wheel gear.

Engine/super charger assy.

Another super charger assy

Melted Jug

Heavy piece of armored plate...wonder if it protected a fuel tank, or ??

Another engine

Piece of heavy cast aluminum and some wiring.

The other main gear assy.

Looking into the distance


Checking out the wreckage

More melted aluminum.

After checking out the crash site we got back on the bikes and headed twords Bog Hot Springs to camp and soak....we've all been up since about 2;30am and had a long drive plus the ride, we are all ready to relax for the night.

Heading down the hill we see rain showers off in the distance, the weather has cooled down quite a bit since we first arrived at the crash site and the ride down is great.

Looking back at the crash site in the distance.

Alan at another gate on the way down from the mountain.

Trever dropping down into the valley below.

We arrive at Bog Hot Springs and set up camp...ready for food and a soak.

My camp setup, I start charging my Iphone and camera batteries.

Andy's and Trevor's camp

The sun setting on the hills....Beautiful!

A panoramic of the hot springs...water in the desert!!

Everyone headed to the springs...I decided to eat first then join the rest in the nice hot water.

Doesn't get any better than a hot flowing river!

Alan heating up dinner.

Alan's fan and GPS power stopped working today, we decide to operate and find out what's causing the problem. Turned out a wire came disconnected under the to love easy fixes!

Storm clouds are moving in..and there is lightning in the distance.

I manage to catch two lightning strikes with my hand held camera.

I decide to try and frame the bike in a lightning strike picture...but the sky starts opening up and rain starts pouring down. Not wanting to get the camera wet I retreat to the tent for the night. It was a great day of riding today...can't wait till tomorrow!




In Memory Of The Crewmen: CLICK HERE
Adventure is Out There NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Riding Through History NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Oregon Outback RR: CLICK HERE

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Backwoods Boogie

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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/7/2012, 4:29 pm

Nice job on the memorial.....

Looking forward to more of the ride report.

Concours 14


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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/7/2012, 8:23 pm

Tom, great job as always with your ride reports. Keep um coming.

That memoral you all did was very touching. Outstanding job you guys!
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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/7/2012, 9:53 pm

Very cool! I'm glad you guys did the memorial! I'm a huge WWII history buff and love reading about these often forgotten tidbits.
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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/8/2012, 12:10 am

Yah, nice. Always jealous of the rides and reports you do. One day I will win the lotto and.....hahaha, I a dreamer
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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/8/2012, 8:16 am

Day 2 - June 2nd.

Miles on bike: 1338
HRS on bike: 55.1

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning at Bog Hot Springs, packed up the bikes and prepared for another awesome day of riding!

Steam off the springs


I found this little surprise under my least it wasn't in my tent!

Trever rode up to see the source of the spring....notice the one sandal lol.

We left Bog and headed to Denio Junction one last time to top up on fuel, eat a good breakfast and ditch the shovel at the truck.
Trever lost a sandal on the way back from the bomber so he will also pick up a extra pair that I had in my gear bag.

Trever and his one remaining sandal lol. (video snap shot...sorry about the quality).

A day of incredible riding! We departed Denio Junction and headed north into Oregon, we will then angle back into NV.

Orange Coolaid in the Desert.

Here they come.

We come across a cool old ranch and stop to check it out.

The Ranch

Someone had some skill working with rock. Amazing.

What's left of a wooden wagon.

Andy taking a ride.

A little further up the road was another old abandoned building....wonder what the story behind this one is?

A home brew implement along the trail. Looks like it was maybe used for ??. The axle on top looked like it was used to raise/lower something.

Back on the trail.

We stop on a hill to soak in the view.

The snow covered Steen's and Alvord Desert in the background.

My ugly mug :-)

The view in the glasses.

Andy found out his new camera doesn't charge the battery via USB.....he's now using the Droid.

Alan enjoying the view....LOL.

Back on the trail again.

The Views were matter how much you looked you couldn't soak them all in.

Andy getting ready to snap some pictures as the bikes roll by.

Stopping for a snack.

And back on the trail.

Soon we come across an abandoned mine with huge tailing piles. There is a large mill works here, I love checking out sites like this. I would love to see pictures of it back in it's hay day.

I roll up to the mine and wait for the others.

Andy pulling up to the site.

Alan rides up to the top of the tailing pile.

We hop off the bikes and check out the site. The mine is called the
Opalite Mine and was used to produce Mercury. The Opalite Mine produced
a total of 12,367 flasks of mercury (a flask
is equivalent to 76 pounds) between 1927 and 1961, with the vast
majority of the production occurring before 1943.

It had to be a big undertaking back in the day to haul all this concrete this far out in the desert.

Lots of relics litter the site.

A audit close to the mill site...I'm sure with tailing piles this big there are more audits in the area.

At the base of the mining operation lie a couple old cars. I'm amazed that it's still preserved this well, must not be a lot of drunks with guns out here. I wonder when the last time it moved under it's own power was.

A tire from the car.....amazing stuff like this last's this long out here.

Remains of a truck of some sort....I wonder if this truck hauled supplies to the site when they were building the mill?

We left the mine site and headed to Mcdermitt, NV for fuel and lunch. After fueling up we found the Snack Stop and stopped for a burger. I filled my hydration pack up with water and put a 1.5 liter bottle in my pack as well, I had been out of water since we left camp this morning and I was really thirsty at this point!

We had good cell service here so we called Mark to find out where he was at. He was getting ready to leave home (still 9 hrs away) and would watch our SPOT tracks and try to intersect us some where. To save time he would drive his truck as close to us as he could get then unload the bike and catch up with us.

Here Trever is talking to Mark and trying to figure out approx where we will meet up with him.

Trever hamming it up for the camera

We left Mcdermitt with full stomachs and full tanks of fuel.

One of the many stream crossings on the trip.

Shortly after one stream crossing Alan got stuck in some large sage brush....luckily he was trapped just long enough for me to get my camera out :-)

Alan on the BRP

Another stop for a photo op. :-)

A little further up the trail we come across another old abandoned ranch. A lot of work went into building these old houses. Who lived here? What a hard life it must have been.

The windows haven't even been broken out....not many teen age derelicts out this far I guess lol.

Ready to light.

Needs a little remodeling.

The rare two hole outhouse :-)

Andy trying it out

After leaving the ranch we headed to our destination for the night....another Hot Springs. We arrived at "The" Hot Springs shortly before dark, set up camp and started the routine of making dinner etc.

The Source...very cool formations.

The hot water is piped down to a tub by the stream.

Camp for the night.

Alan setting up his tent

Andy found that his chest protector and backpack provided a bad rub point on his collar bone...he was left with a egg sized sore....ouch! He will find a way to mod his gear in the am.

And a beautiful sunset to top off an awesome day!

End Day 2
Miles on Bike: 1515
Hrs on Bike: 60.7




In Memory Of The Crewmen: CLICK HERE
Adventure is Out There NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Riding Through History NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Oregon Outback RR: CLICK HERE

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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/8/2012, 5:58 pm

that is freaking epic. keep em coming
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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/8/2012, 7:01 pm

I like it!

You guys are riding fools! Cramming 60hrs of riding into only two days!
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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/10/2012, 12:59 am

Day 3 - June 3rd.

Miles on Bike: 1515
Hrs on Bike: 60.7

We woke up to another beautiful morning, ready to do battle with the desert.


We all changed out filter skins this am, Filter skins are the way to go for this kind of travel. I carry 6 pre-oiled skins and can do the whole ride with one air filter. They are a lot easier to pack than extra filters. I also carry 6 pairs of thin latex gloves for changing the skins.

Getting ready to install the new skin.

All ready for another day on the trail.

Another shot of the springs...

We are planning on meeting up with Mark today in Battle Mountain NV, He left from Kennewick WA late in the afternoon yesterday and would drive ahead of us to Battle Mountain, rest up and link up with us when we roll through there for fuel. But..........

7am...As we are loading up the bikes we hear a dirt bike off in the distance...could that be Mark? Oh yeah...He rolls up to where we are camped and is pumped up for a days riding! He drove till 3am, followed our SPOT tracks to within a couple miles of where we were parked then jumped on the bike......then unfortunately got confused, turned north and went a long way out of his way. He eventually linked up with our actual tracks (pre-programmed in his GPS) and followed the tracks back to the springs where we were parked. He had to ride through several cattle gates by himself to get there....or he could have just cruised 2 more miles down the gravel road from where he parked the truck right to us LOL. All in all he did awesome at intersecting us out in the middle of know where!

Mark joining the group.

Mark had one week to transform his bike into a desert sled...Tank, luggage, gear etc. He did a great job getting it all accomplished. One item that he didn't get to was his kick stand, the bolt is broke off in the frame...he'll have to look for places to lean his bike while out on the trail. First stop...easy :-)

Back on the road.

Andy and Trever come over the rise to find this sight. Uh Oh!

Enter the ADV Bermuda Triangle! Mark and I blow a turn so we stop to go back, Mark says "My clutch is coming and going on me". We decide to stop and take a look. Mark is running a full auto clutch and replaced the plates right before he left, a little dis-assembly is in order.

Looks like a set screw came loose in the clutch setup. Tools are out and a fix is on the way. Meanwhile Trever says his new Garmin Montana GPS lost all satellites as he rolled up to the stop. Hmmm.....We'll lets see if we can fix it as well.

Trever starts the dis-assembly on his Montana.

And finds that the Antenna has broken off the circuit board! The antenna is held on from the factory with a thin piece of double stick tape, the tape came un-bonded leaving the weight of the antenna hanging on the thin soldered post to the circuit board. It was only a matter of time before the vibration and rough trail caused the post to fail. This is a weak spot on the Montana in my opinion....look for a HOW - TO article on beefing up the Montana to prevent this problem soon.

Mark gets his bike up and running and takes it for a quick test spin. Andy says he sees something square fall of Marks bike but we look around and can't find anything. At this time Andy's bike (with no one around it) falls over...the stock kick stand snaps under the weight of the gear on the bike!


Back on the trail

We come across a cool old abandoned ranch and stop to check it out.

Old Hay Lift

This Deer was hanging out behind the tool shed

The shade feels great!

Alan blew by the turn to the ranch....but soon makes his way back to the group.

We head inside to check out the house. Let's try this baby out lol.

Lots of signatures from ADV riders that have passed through, looks like the GL guys have been here! The tube is still where they left it in their RR.

We add our own well as a Hodakaguy sticker lol

That Picture (and my avatar) is actually a Halloween costume :-)

Trever finds a stick and heads out in search of water.

Ahhh....There it is!

He says...Hmmm....I have a idea for this stick, I think I'll keep it.

This ranch must have been around for a long time...the trees are huge!

Andy checks out the stream and rides across. He sets up to snap pictures as people cross the stream.

Hodakaguy crossing the stream, I imagine certain times of the year this can be deep!

And stills from the same crossing off the GoPro....Alan can move pretty fast LOL.

We left the ranch and continued towards Battle Mountain NV.

Followed some awesome single track!

We boon docked though the sage brush for a while.

Yet another gate to open/close.

This section was great!

We rolled up to get fuel in Battle Mountain. It was here that Mark realized that his wallet is missing and fell out of his pack somewhere back out on the trail. We fill the bikes and roll over to the pizza shop next door to fill our stomachs and form a plan.

You remember that stick that Trever kept....well it turns out Mark is packing it as his new kick stand LOL.

We eat lunch and form a new plan. We think that the square object that Andy saw come off of Marks bike earlier in the day might be the wallet. We talk about options...Trever and Mark head back to look for the wallet, and the rest of us continue south...Or we all stick together as a group and look for the wallet then head south to Soldier meadows and Reno. A decision is made to stay together as a group so we head north...on Slab to make time :-(

We arrive back in the ADV Bermuda triangle and can't find the wallet....and Andy realizes that his zip off coat sleeves are gone, he had them tied on the back of his bike. Hope it doesn't turn cold! The Triangle strikes again!

We look at the map and decide to head to Soldier Meadows for the night. Since we are so close Mark will pick up his truck and move it further north so it's closer to Denio (he'll have less of a slab run to get back to the truck when were done). While we are there Mark loans Andy his kick stand that he has in the truck...once at camp Andy will have a kick stand again :-) We grab the truck and roll on.

We stop to fill the bikes one last time before soldier meadows.

Andy without a kick stand.

We hit gravel, park Marks truck and head for soldier meadows. It turns dark and we're riding by headlights now. Well most of us are riding by headlights, Since Andy is riding with a stock head light he's now riding by someone else's light lol. The OEM lights area really pathetic.

In the dark we make a navigational error and realize we are far north of Soldier Meadows. At this point it is closer to continue back to Bog Hot Springs and camp there for the night. So we continue north.

We arrive at Bog Hot Springs, set up camp and have a great soak. We will continue south in the am. Two days into the trip and we are camping back at the first camp just never know how a ADV ride is going to go :-)

All in all a great days riding.

End Day 3

Miles on bike: 1852
Hrs on bike: 68.1

More to come!!


In Memory Of The Crewmen: CLICK HERE
Adventure is Out There NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Riding Through History NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Oregon Outback RR: CLICK HERE

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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/10/2012, 2:39 am

I see fuel prices in the town of Battle Mountain (out in the middle of nowhere) are way cheaper than back home Rolling Eyes.

Looking forward to reading day 4 .
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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/13/2012, 6:58 am

DAY 4 - June 4 2012

Miles on bike: 1852
Hrs on bike: 68.1

Woke up at Bog Hot Springs to another beautiful day...ready to head south.

Trever removing the GPS brackets and mounts from his bike since his Montana is no longer functioning.

Andy and his twin kick stands....LOL. He's getting ready to change his broken unit out for the good unit, since we arrived at the springs after dark he just used two kick stands for the night.

Some time during the night this cool VW Vanagon slipped into the springs.

We head into Denio Junction again to get fuel and a hot meal :-)

No ride report that includes Denio Junction would be complete without a picture of "Gods Ride".

With full stomachs we head south to Soldier Meadows to stop for fuel and say hello to Kathy. Kathy's husband Jim recently passed away and Kathy is selling the ranch. Hopefully it will remain open to people traveling through this barren country. Kathy and Jim will be missed!

Rolling into Soldier Meadows.

Soldier Meadows has a rich history. It was originally called Mud Meadows and was used by the settlers as a rest stop as they made their was out west on the Applegate Trail. The US army built a Fort here to protect the settlers as they made their way westward. Read more on Soldier Meadows Here: [URL=""]CLICK HERE[/URL]

Kathy's house.

And the original Army Fort still standing!

Kathy is gone to Reno for the day taking care of paperwork for the sale of the ranch, bummer we were hoping to say hi. We chat with the ranch hand for a bit and check out the facilities.

We debate if we need to take on fuel or not. It's never wise to pass fuel out here so we all take one gallon of fuel. (we'll be glad we did!).

We roll up to the "pumps". Soldier Meadows uses a very reliable way of measuring your fuel, a old 1 gallon cider jug :-). We line up and all get our gallon of fuel.

Trever sipping on a little unleaded...Hmmm....good vintage!

Filling my bike.

We leave Soldier Meadows and head up Fly Canyon, High Rock Canyon, and Yellow Rock Canyon. This is the original route of the Applegate Trail, Lots of History Here! The scenery is incredible!

Along the way trail markers share the settlers experiences with quotes from diaries. I can't imagine how hard it was to make that voyage.

Heading out in search of adventure!

We arrive in High Rock Canyon. We stop here to take a rest and check out a few historical items along the trail.

Setting up Marks kick stand. Andy found a piece of tent pole along the trail so they propped Mark's bike up with it, it lasted till we walked up to the cave then the bike decided to take a nap :-)

A couple Panoramic shots of High Rock Canyon.

This is called Mail Cave. Settlers on the wagon trains would leave mail in this cave for family members or friends that were coming behind. It's hard to imagine what it would have been like to travel through this country with horse and wagon.

Here comes a dune buggy down the trail.

We take a walk down the canyon to check out a few more historical items.

Looking for the 2nd's well hidden!

Historical Graffiti on the bluff next to Mail Cave, 1852!

The walls were a couple hundred feet high in places!

Arriving at the second cave.

I love looking at this kind of history....Amazing it's so well preserved.

Exiting the second cave.

One of the many stream crossings on the trip.

A couple dune buggies crossing a stream.

Sky's are starting to turn nasty and the temperature is dropping rapidly....Hmmm...

We reach Yellow Rock Canyon right as it starts to rain. We all stop at the abandoned shack to put on the cold weather gloves and rain cloths.

Arriving at the shack.

Hey...this will make a great kick stand!

Foundation to a long lost cabin or ?

After leaving Yellow Rock Canyon we started to climb in elevation. The trails were absolutely beautiful....unfortunately the rain was making them take on the consistency of a well greased baking pan! The trail was not only slick but the mud will pack onto your bike so thick it will lock up your chain, front wheel etc.

The bikes are handling like a humming bird with a bowling ball duct taped under one wing!

It was slow going for a while.

Oh yeah...this has to be good for the bikes lol.

Mud and more mud....

Hey Trevor....Look at the camera....It's for prosperity LOL.

My rear tire.

Here's a short video of Andy riding a slick section of mud like a pro!

The last of the nasty mud...back on a solid trail!

After this picture the weather turned really cold and our tracks took us right up to 7500' where we were riding in snow! It was starting to get dark and we were all cold and hungry, not having eaten since breakfast in Denio Junction. We look at the tracks and find the fastest way down off the mountain to try to get to Gerlach before Dark, a nice hot shower is sounding pretty good at this point! We are all really glad we took on fuel at Soldier Meadows since are tanks are starting to look pretty low.

We didn't tank any more pictures after the mud section, it was just to cold and we were all concentrating on making it to Gerlach before dark...the prospect of camping in the snow at 7500' wasn't to enticing!

Gerlach! We made it in right before Bruno's restaurant closed and had a great meal. We got some rooms at the Bruno's motel and settled in for the night.

Trever found a hose and decided to get some mud off his bike....I was to tired to care and figured I'd get it off in the am.

Another great days riding!!

End Day 4

Miles on Bike: 2086
Hrs on Bike: 74.9

More to come!



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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/18/2012, 7:03 am

Day 5 - June 5th.

Miles on Bike: 2086
Hrs on Bike: 74.9

We woke up after a good nights sleep at the original roach motel lol. It was a fresh day and Trever was starting to get over his PTMD (Post Traumatic Mud Disorder!) LOL. The weather had turned cold and nasty, the high country was covered in a fresh blanket of snow! We decided to clean up the bikes a bit and head to Bruno's for breakfast.

Our haven out of the weather for the night....I decided to throw the sleeping bag on the bed instead of using the 1940's sheets lol.

Lots O Mud!

Breakfast at Bruno's.

We warmed up, ate a good breakfast and decided on a game plan. Trevor's shoulder was bothering him and our planned tracks would take us right up into the snow within minutes. Our detour back north earlier placed us in the way of the cold front, we were trapped. We could hit pavement and bomb south until we hit warmer weather but then we would be pinched on time to get back. Or we could ride north and base camp at the Alvord Desert, explore some abandoned mines and soak in the springs. With the weather cold and rotten we changed plans again and decided to head north... Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Trever and Mark would take a separate route, pick up Marks truck and meet us in Denio Junction. The rest of us would double back through Soldier Meadows.

We filled the bikes with fuel and rolled out for adventure.

Alan on the move.

Andy ready to head out.

We decide to cut across the Black Rock Desert and check out another Hot Springs on the way to Soldier Meadows.

A little time for playing on the Playa :-)

Couple posing shots

Rolling out for the springs.

Right as we arrive at the springs the road turns to the gumbo mud that we were riding in yesterday. I manage to get sideways and drop the bike as I roll to a stop....Sorry didn't get any pics lol.

Another quote from a settlers diary.

The springs.

Right after I took this shot I slipped walking down the hill and packed my camera up with mud! Luckily it was the back side of the camera and after some time with some baby wipes everything was fine again.

With the prospect of riding numerous miles in more gumbo mud we turned around and headed back across the Black Rock to the gravel road on the other side.

A ways up the road we came across the license plate art display and stopped for some pictures.

Doing a little repair work on a fallen piece of art.

I decided to leave my own piece of art on the display :-)

Alan pointing at the snow above soldier meadows that came in over night.....bummer, that's where we were heading.

A quick stop at soldier meadows, we were hoping to catch Kathy home but she was still away on business. We chat a bit with the ranch hand and continue north.

There is some great riding in the hills above Soldier Meadows....but with the snow we decide to stay low and continue north to Denio Junciton.

I stopped along the road to take some pictures of the snow...cold!

Getting close.

The Pueblo Mountains above Denio Junction where we placed the Memorial Plaque on the first dusted with snow.

Back at Denio Junction...ready to warm up and get some grub!

A Syncro Vanagon at Denio Junction when we arrive, owned by a nice couple from Oregon.

We arrived just after Trever and Mark arrived...Perfect timing! We all grabbed a bite to eat then will load up the bikes and move the trucks up to the Alvord.


Ok....which one is out of place for the NV desert? lol.

And a few shots from Trever and Mark's journey north to Denio Junction.

These are some cool rock formations!

Would make a great shelter in a pinch!

Back to Denio Junction. We loaded up the bikes and rolled to the Alvord Desert. We had planned on riding up to the mines above the desert and I was going to show the guys the old miners orchard that resides up there as well....But. When we arrived at the Alvord Hot Springs we find this...

The entrance road that leads to the mines, orchard etc is blocked and fenced off! This is also the spot where a lot of people camp that stop to soak in the springs. Hmmm......

The dirt access road the connects the lake bed to the springs is also blocked off. To get to the lake bed you now have to drive a mile or so down the gravel road then drop onto the playa from more riding up from the playa for a quick soak.....this sucks!

Later at Fields Station we learn the scoop. The Alvord Hot Springs is on private property and they let the public use the springs...but the owner is wanting the BLM to take over liability of the springs as well as install a bathroom at the site. I guess he hasn't got it yet so he closed off the road and the entrance to the hills....the hills are BLM but the entrance is on his property. If he doesn't get the bathroom etc then he might shut down the springs all together. That would be a real shame...such a cool place to visit and enjoy a soak. I hope it all works out in the end.

Well we can't ride up here where we were planning either....we decide to take a nice soak then roll for home, we will return again to complete our original 1700 mile loop!

There are two pools at the Alvord Springs. It looked like someone had just finished cleaning out the "outside" pool and the hot water pipe was still open to it when we was WAY to hot to soak in. The inside pool was warm but not cold for me to want to get in since it was really cold and windy outside. Something had to be done to cool down the outside pool!

Where there's a will there's a way! Inside each pool are several washing machine drums turned upside down for seats, in a pinch they can become buckets to scoop cool water to the hot side! Oh yeah....Nice hot soak here we come!

The piping that brings the hot water down to the pools from the source.

Panorama of the springs, Amazing scenery!

While I waited for the hot pool to cool a little I checked out the inside of the changing room, here's a shot of a memorial left for Carl. Carl lived down the road from the Alvord Springs and did a lot of maint and upkeep at the springs. He knew the area very well and was very in piece Carl!

Trever is first in the hot side. It was still HOT but you could get used to it and get in eventually. The heat felt great!

Mark instantly turned into a lobster! lol.

After the soak we left the Alvord, headed to Fields for fuel and rolled towards home. At Fields a young Ukrainian women named Elena was getting fuel and was asking how to get to British Columbia, she was on the way up from Vegas to visit friends. Not wanting to get lost she joined our caravan towards WA and was now part of the RR....Smile for the camera :-)

Every time we stopped she would stop with us. She followed us till John Day and we convinced her to stop and get a hotel for the night while we continued on, she had been on the road a long time and looked pretty drowsy.

We arrived home around 2am. Another trip in the books.

Can't wait to return to NV again....I love that area!!!!!

End Trip.

Miles on bike: 2225
Hrs on bike: 78.0



In Memory Of The Crewmen: CLICK HERE
Adventure is Out There NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Riding Through History NV RR:  CLICK HERE
Oregon Outback RR: CLICK HERE

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PostSubject: Re: NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.   6/19/2012, 6:08 am

Looks like a good adventure. Great pictures.

YamWow! It's made in Japan. You know the Japanese make good stuff!
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NV 2012 - In Memory of the Crewmen.

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